Matthew Bohrer

Next up:

Unfriended, opening nationwide April 17th!

Recurring on:

General Hospital, March 26th!






BACKSTAGE: Bohrer is outstanding. His dramatic journey is solid. Bohrer's is the best-sung, best-acted portrayal one is likely to see anywhere.


KPBS: Matthew Bohrer has blossomed into a top-drawer talent. He's outstanding. Bohrer's totally natural, believable, and unaffected as a highly literate young man bravely confronting cancer- and the prom. Wonderful performance.


SAN DIEGO UNION TRIBUNE: The skilled young actor Matthew Bohrer demonstrated risk-taking in mastering the rhythms of the text and keeping the focus of the audience. His monologue rings true, thanks to Bohrer's deeply engaged performance.


STAGESCENELA: Exquisitely performed, JULIET & HER ROMEO features memorable work from its trio of stars, tour-de-force performances that have each of them bending gender and age with equal ease.


STAGESCENELA: Completing the cast is Matthew Bohrer, the handsome young fellow ever ready with a song. Bohrer is a charmer, showing off melodious vocal chops as well.



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